Don't Ever Lie To Your Insurance Company. Drew Barth

14 Th11, 2020
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Don't ever lie to your insurance company like Drew Barth did, because they might find your car and things will get awkward. Whether it's not even knowing if your car is stolen or giving it a weird name like Doug, this clip from Drew Barth's full Dry Bar Comedy special is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish.
If you want to see Dre Barth's full Dry Bar Comedy special, you can watch the rest of it right here on VIworld:
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  • I love comedians. Everything is funny to them

    dovie2bluedovie2blue4 giờ trước
  • boring

    Danes StangDanes Stang7 ngày trước
  • I drive a '98 civic. There's a key slot next to the shifter to lock it in park. Easy way to prevent it from being stolen... but I'd take $4200 for it any day

    Noah DecoteauNoah Decoteau7 ngày trước
  • So...I guess the guy who said this person wasn't funny because he said "decibel instead decimal" deleted his comment. I would just like to say to everyone else, it's ok to say the wrong word from time to time. I've done it, you've done it, and it will happen again. But if everyone is commenting that they loved a comic's bit, and then one person says, "no, they got a word slightly wrong, so they aren't funny and they should go back to school!" Don't take that. That's a person that is SO proud of grammar, they won't care if they ever amount to anything in OUR world. This guy in the video? He decided he would spend his life trying to make crowds laugh every day. IF you do THAT!!! Ya, you can get words wrong from time to time. It's okay.

    Steven ClarkSteven Clark8 ngày trước
  • This is funnier than stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon

    BosskBossk8 ngày trước
    • A funeral is funnier than those two boobs.

      R BledsoeR Bledsoe8 ngày trước
  • So funny!!!

    JOY VLOGJOY VLOG9 ngày trước
  • I feel like the story ended before it was over.

    Trisha BarnettTrisha Barnett9 ngày trước
    • @SayIDidItTM Pretty sure he has a full special. This is just re run or whatever

      Reid IsaacsonReid Isaacson6 ngày trước
    • Yeah, what happened???

      SayIDidItTMSayIDidItTM9 ngày trước
  • After 30 days the insurance company owns it. Dumb joke.

    Rob FigaroRob Figaro9 ngày trước
  • "That's not your's!"

    DukeOfEarle88DukeOfEarle889 ngày trước
    • Muffled Laughter.😆

      nobodys babynobodys baby9 ngày trước
  • I'm a simple man. I see Drew Barth, I press like

    chrissme555chrissme5559 ngày trước
  • "I don't know if anybody's had their car stolen before". No, never - you are the first person to have their car stolen.

    BumpkinBumpkin9 ngày trước
    • @Ellipsis of Triple Tap LOL, indeed....hence the use of the word 'I'.

      BumpkinBumpkin9 ngày trước
    • It's not like he was asking the entire population, ya goof...

      Ellipsis of Triple TapEllipsis of Triple Tap9 ngày trước
  • just a little tone adjustment and he sounds exactly like kermit

    WIAWIA9 ngày trước
  • Funny, funny.

    ghogue61ghogue619 ngày trước
  • I've watched his whole show like 3 times already

    Jennifer BatesJennifer Bates9 ngày trước
  • Drew was injured in BAD car accident, does anyone have any recent info about him? Any Go Fund Me account for him? Need update!

    Adrianne NashAdrianne Nash9 ngày trước
    • @Nunya Bizness thanks 😊

      Adrianne NashAdrianne Nash9 ngày trước
    • He's fine and has been on social media. Check his Instagram

      Nunya BiznessNunya Bizness9 ngày trước
    • @Scraparella yes, that one. His comedian friends did a fundraiser for him but I haven't heard anything since then. I miss his humorous take on life!

      Adrianne NashAdrianne Nash9 ngày trước
    • The accident from 2/26/2018?

      ScraparellaScraparella9 ngày trước
  • He just rocks! Soo good!

    tirupal ravillatirupal ravilla10 ngày trước
  • ♥️👏

    Tom ArchibaldTom Archibald10 ngày trước
  • I have a midnight space blue car covered in star stickers and nerd decals, his full name is the 'USS "Henry" (FDF-0818)'

    Danielle HarknessDanielle Harkness10 ngày trước
  • A six minute mundane story with little to no payoff. Keep it moving people theres nothing to see here.

    Hershel WeaverHershel Weaver10 ngày trước
    • Hey Hershal, get to walking... ;)

      Ellipsis of Triple TapEllipsis of Triple Tap9 ngày trước
  • Several years ago, I let this kid take a shower and sleep over (I always sleep on the couch) in the bed. He wanted me to let him call his girlfiend, I had no long distance.... Discovered the truck missing two days later, in the parking lot, keys on the floor, "Wendy's" receipt 55 miles away = DOG. I could not file charges! could u?

    Jim MitchellJim Mitchell10 ngày trước
  • This has Ludwig written all over it.

    Jovanni OchoaJovanni Ochoa10 ngày trước
  • Yeah it’s just a re-upload. Must be getting tough to get people in for shows these days

    Kevin ZachariasKevin Zacharias10 ngày trước
    • I think so too

      sptt 144sptt 1449 ngày trước
  • I had an old Datsun stolen in Seattle. Fortunately, the tank was empty and the car was discarded so the police found it.

    Astrologer PatriciaAstrologer Patricia10 ngày trước
    • Genius anti-theft lmao. "I only keep 1 gallon in the tank, so they got about 18 miles"

      trollololtrollolol9 ngày trước
  • 😂😂💯

    Daniel BaileyDaniel Bailey10 ngày trước
  • What about those thieves who crawl under SUVs with a reciprocating saw and take your catalytic converter? I suppose it's better than getting car jacked.

    Robert SchwartzRobert Schwartz10 ngày trước
  • So did the insurance company ask for some money back or not?

    Zohaib AbbasiZohaib Abbasi10 ngày trước
    • @YourBoiFaus yep. They'd just scrap it, recover what they could, and move on.

      trollololtrollolol9 ngày trước
    • Nah they wouldn’t it’s techinacally now the insurance car since they payed him for it already

      YourBoiFausYourBoiFaus10 ngày trước
  • It would be nice to see cars parked in fire lanes get towed, wouldn't it?

    Hirsch nopeHirsch nope10 ngày trước
  • 💜💜💜haha....loved it, very funny guy💜💜💜

    Bethlehem NegussieBethlehem Negussie10 ngày trước
  • He called it Doug and I immediately thought of Benson for some reason. lol

    Clinton SimmonsClinton Simmons10 ngày trước
    • @Mohammed Ali Doug Benson

      Clinton SimmonsClinton Simmons7 giờ trước
    • Benson from regular show?

      Mohammed AliMohammed Ali9 giờ trước
    • @Major Old Lady aka, Mom Not everyone will get the reference but that's OK.

      Clinton SimmonsClinton Simmons10 ngày trước
    • Really? Without Googling who Doug Benson is and studying it, what the WHUT, aka, not everyone has our own points of reference, globally speaking, duh.

      Major Old Lady aka, MomMajor Old Lady aka, Mom10 ngày trước
  • A lot can happen to your car since it was stolen, so you might not have to owe any money back to your insurance company.

    Endee AimeeEndee Aimee10 ngày trước
    • it's a joke, duh.

      Joshua Son of NunJoshua Son of Nun9 ngày trước
  • Ford Explorer and trucks are easy tew lol

    Marie FMarie F10 ngày trước
  • Pretty good! 👍🏻 I would watch his whole set... It held my attention and made me smile... 8 / 10 stars...

    Mark HendrixMark Hendrix10 ngày trước
  • Top 5 baby!

    Jordan NelsonJordan Nelson10 ngày trước
  • Second. Lol Edit: first to hit the like button lol

    Orcinus MLPOrcinus MLP10 ngày trước
    • @Major Old Lady aka, Mom go away Karen

      Forget-Me-Not Lawn CareForget-Me-Not Lawn Care8 ngày trước
    • @Orcinus MLP thanks

      Lorell DuncanLorell Duncan10 ngày trước
    • @Major Old Lady aka, Mom i was just no need to get all worked up

      Lorell DuncanLorell Duncan10 ngày trước
    • @Major Old Lady aka, Mom how about you come up with more clever comebacks instead of just repeating yourself

      Orcinus MLPOrcinus MLP10 ngày trước
    • @Lorell Duncan No one cares, dingbat. Really? Yup! Come back to the YT Comment table when you have something semi-intelligent to bring to the table, ok? Wow!

      Major Old Lady aka, MomMajor Old Lady aka, Mom10 ngày trước
  • I've seen this before but it still make me laugh.

    MochiMochi10 ngày trước
    • @Magnan Imus no problems, glad I could help you and bring more attention to her

      MochiMochi9 ngày trước
    • @Mochi Thanks for the super fast reply. Im so glad I asked. Just watched the artist's "e-y-e-s" video and it's fantastic. Love the art style!

      Magnan ImusMagnan Imus9 ngày trước
    • @Magnan Imus it's from a VIworldr discord server that go by the name cudlil.

      MochiMochi9 ngày trước
    • Random question but what's your icon picture thingy from?

      Magnan ImusMagnan Imus9 ngày trước
  • Funny

    kallen howardkallen howard10 ngày trước
  • First lol

    Lorell DuncanLorell Duncan10 ngày trước